Five Angels

from by Legion of Grandeur

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"The tale of one 18th century Spanish Catholic priest Ferdinand Cuarteron is one shrouded in the darkest annals of history. On Christmas morning, following midnight Mass, Ferdinand had arranged for five young girls from his parish to meet him in the parish rectory to say the rosary in honor of the Baby Jesus's birthday. He made them swear not to tell their parents, allegedly claiming that if they were silent, the Blessed Mary would appear and pray with them. When the children arrived at the rectory, Fr. Ferdinand barred the door shut. Above his fireplace, he had kept a medieval axe, and on this fateful winter night, the axe would be used to commit one of the most heinous murders in Spain’s history. The five girls were butchered mercilessly, with the priest believing that he was committing a holy act by sending the girls to Heaven before they could be corrupted by the evils of the flesh. Upon completing the act, the priest cut his own wrists and lay outstretched as Christ on the Cross. In a detailed letter found at the scene, Cuarteron claimed that the act was in repentance for his sins earlier in life, and he confessed to raping five women who rejected his advances. The town was never the same after what were dubbed the Salvation Murders, and the Church was abandoned after numerous reports of bodiless screams from the rectory."


Verse 1:
The witching hour sung to him, as the choir in the loft.
Untainted was his sense of virtue, wild eyes they sighed to save
The prettiest doves of his congregation, thin veils lay on their heads
So pure and holy were their hearts, and holy must they stay.
Soon after Mass, he crept away, his plan had long been set.
Little cherubims would come to him to pray the rosary.
"Sneak away, my children" he said to them, "Come quietly from your homes.
Meet me at the rectory, tell no one, not a soul."
And so they came, 10 eyes of grace, without a sin amongst the lot.
In the quiet of the moonless night, a horror that Christ begot.

Chorus 1:
Above the mantle was it hung, salvation in the form of steel.
Blade reflecting fireplace's light, emboldening his zeal.
He sprayed them all with holy water, swung, and sprayed them all with blood.
"No devil shall corrupt you, on this night you go to God!"
Verse 2:
The macabre martyrdom that would shake the town had only just begun
One little lamb in eternal rest, the others came undone
Fearful shrieks filled the room, with beads in hand, the children were now prey
To the Angel of Death, they felt the cold breath of steel on their necks on Christmas day.

Chorus 2:
He had seen far too many girls just like these five grow up to defile themselves
Not on his watch would these fair virgin maidens be tempted to all burn in Hell.
So again he struck, crimson mist kissed his cheeks, as little bones cracked and fell.
"Saint Agnes, please pray for us, and for our crosses dealt."


Strike by strike the deed left him awash in purest red.
When all was done he looked around, walls painted with the dead.
"Hear me now, Lord Jesus Christ, I've preserved your creations
From the plague of lust, from Satan's touch, and fire for eternity."

Chorus 3:
The holy man was satisfied with his night of terrors cast
These sacrifices sent to God, atoning for mistakes of past.
Five souls he saved, five canonized Saints, his life was finally done.
With his final breaths, he admired his scene, running wrists outraced the sun.


from Age Of Reason, track released November 8, 2011
Eric Posch
Kiera Pietrangelo




Legion of Grandeur

Legion of Grandeur, often shortened as Legion or LoG, is a 7 pieced band. They formed early 2011 and did covers before moving to do original songs.

The genre is mixed; Symphonic Tech Extreme Death Metal

Their first single ''Age of Reason'' was released 12th August 2011 and will be featured on the album with the same name.
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